Organicways organic goat milk soap

Made by hand from chemical & hormone free goat milk
Mostly Organic Essential Oils, Grains and Plants • No preservatives or dyes
Made from nature's finest ingredients • Great for dry or sensitive skin

Made By Hand With Only The Best
Natural and Organic Ingredients


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How our soap
is made


Organicways goat milk soap is made from the heart by me, Sarah Miller, at my rural home in beautiful Montana.

I believe in producing a soap that is as free of chemicals and hormones as possible. That’s why I only use goat milk from goats who have not been given hormones or antibiotics and who have grazed on land not sprayed with chemicals.

I use only organic products in my soap if I can find them. This includes organic essential oils, grains (such as oatmeal and cornmeal) and organic plants.

I use only food grade vegetable oils and none of the harsh chemicals, detergents, preservatives and dyes that are present in store-bought soap and cause your skin to feel dry and tight.

This makes goat milk soap great for dry or sensitive skin or those who have skin problems. You can enjoy my soap knowing it was created by hand from only the finest ingredients.

I have been making soap for 30 years. I began making it when I developed an allergy to the detergents in store-bought soap. My doctor suggested I try goat milk soap.

I liked the idea of making what I used, so I decided to make it myself. My skin problems disappeared.

For years, I made the soap for my family, researching the process, and developing my own recipes. A few years ago I began to share with friends, who loved the soap and have encouraged me to sell it to others.