Organicways organic goat milk soap

Made by hand from chemical & hormone free goat milk
Mostly Organic Essential Oils, Grains and Plants • No preservatives or dyes
Made from nature's finest ingredients • Great for dry or sensitive skin

Cold Processing Method Retains the Wonderful
Qualities Contained in Goat Milk


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How our soap
is made


My goat milk soap is made through a method called “cold processing.” This means the soap is not heated or cooked as it is made, which helps the goat milk to retain its beneficial vitamins and minerals, and allows the soap’s natural glycerin to remain intact.

Glycerin is a natural humectant that helps your skin retain its natural moisture and feel softer. Most store bought soaps contain no glycerin because it has been removed during the manufacturing process.

Some people use water in the goat milk soap processing, but I take the time and use only 100% goat milk. It takes more time to make it this way, but it helps retain the good properties in the milk.

After a lengthy mixing process, the soap is poured into individual containers, then dried and cured for six weeks. A white film forms on top and is hand washed off.

Each batch of soap is Ph tested and the edges are beveled. Each bar is 4 to 5 ounces, and ready for use.

My soap feels good in the hand and is easy to hold. It will last 3 times longer than store-bought soap, because there is no air in it.

I make 28 different varieties of goat milk soap, and a fabulous shampoo bar.